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Recently we read the review from Charles Arthur about which tablet will be best for Windows 8 and watched Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky showing off a new tablet, running a test version of Windows 8, at the Build conference in Anaheim.

Top 10 Windows 8 Apps

windows 8 big picture app

The new Windows 8 is coming whether you want it or not and it is expected to be released on October 26. The new OS upends the familiar Start menu-based interface you’ve known since Windows 95 in favor of one more streamlined for tablets.

In light of the major interface change, Windows 8 could be the next Vista, with users skipping a generation of Windows over real and imagined problems. Microsoft desperately wants to make sure this doesn’t happen, so Windows 8 will cost just $40 to upgrade, versus the $100+ price that Windows has carried in the past.

Another way Microsoft hopes to bring people over to Windows 8 is the killer apps. Following Apple’s iOS and Mac App Stores, Windows 8 will have its own dedicated marketplace where users can discover and download apps. Companies like and Evernote have already built Windows 8 apps and made them available in the store, even though the OS hasn’t yet been released.

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Windows 8 beta is up and running for a couple of months already and millions of people have tested and used windows 8. Windows 8 wiki wants to see what is your reaction and tips about the new OS. Share your vision with the other windows 8 wiki users. You can do that by writing a guest post for us. If the post is good enough we will post it in our news section and home page. It is important for us to know what do you think about windows 8 and its features. If you are interested in writing good posts for us follow our guidelines.

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Download Windows 8 Free Full Version

Download Windows 8 Free Full Version

Download Windows 8 Free Full Version

Windows 8 Developer Preview is finally live and we all can see what it looks like and test it.

There are 2 versions available for download;

Microsoft mulls plan for new music service

microsoft music plans

Microsoft is in talks with a few of the major record firms about creating a brand new microsoft music service, Windows 8 Wiki has learned. Whether or not they will change their previous microsoft music service provider we will find out very soon.

Windows 8 Wallpapers

Here you can find the largest collection of Windows 8 Wallpapers. I love changing the look of my desktop that’s why we are going to collect the best windows 8 wallpapers and give them to you. We will continue to show you windows 8 wallpapers from all over the web so don’t forget to check the freebies every time you visit us. All the wallpapers are high resolution so that you can apply them to your desktop and enjoy the beautiful and good quality pictures.

Best Windows 8 Wallpapers